Global Flow

We would love to talk to you if you are working on a commercial business with social impact, you are committed to future proofing the planet, your business, your leadership and your teams. Old world leadership relies on power over others, heirachy, patriarchy and privilege. It depends on upholding agreements structures and systems that when interrupted can be as fragile as a house of cards. 

You want to connect and collaborate with other leaders across cultural intersections. If you know that exploring your Anima will empower you to move from competition to collaboration to elevate your impact.

  • One year leadership trainings including Personal and Social Flow Immersions, deep undoing and unlearning, reverse mentoring and cultural exchange.


  • Incubation labs for new social economic models and projects

  • Connecting leaders across the intersections - online labs to connect your teams

  • Holding space for peaceful negotiations and elevated conversations

Global Flow is about connection and turning our world into our dojo. Redesigning the world from the inside out. With no-one invisible or left out.

Profound partnerships and Co-Ventures, for global family in flow.

Are you creating the world? Or is the world creating you?


From Social Flow to Global Flow

From the Old World to the New World

Using an applied methodology for

Honouring ourselves, each other and the planet